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اخبار مهاجرتی

تاریخ: 1395/08/03
برنامه اسکیل ورکر In-Demand ساسکاچوان باز شد

برنامه اسکیل ورکر In-Demand ساسکاچوان باز شد

دوستانی که تمایل به اپلای دارند هر چه سریعتر ثبت نام کنند.

 شرایط قبولی:

You may qualify for this sub-category if you live outside Canada or have proof of legal status in Canada, are not a refugee claimant and:

-Score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the SINP point assessment grid;

-Have a language score of at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4.

-Employers and regulatory bodies may ask for language scores that are higher than CLB 4;

-Have completed post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship that’s comparable to the Canadian education system of at least one year in length. You should have earned a diploma, certificate or degree with this.

-Have at least one-year work experience in the past 10 years:
In your field of education or training occupation, and
In a high skilled occupation in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix level "A", "B" or "0" that’s in-demand in Saskatchewan.
Show proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure, if your intended occupation is in a regulated profession or compulsory apprenticeship trade;
You'll need this as part of your SINP application. To see if your intended occupation is regulated in Saskatchewan, go‌ to Regulated Occupations and Licensing Requirements; and
Have proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan

 شرط اپلای برای این روش این است که رشته شما حتما باید در بین رشته های خواسته شده باشد.
لیست رشته ها:

در شبکه اجتماعي فيس بوک به ما بپيونديد:  
تماس با ما:
ایران : آدرس ایران : تهران ،زعفرانیه، خیابان جامی شرقی، برج پارسا
کانادا: Suite 200 - 100 Park Royal West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2
تماس مستقیم با ما : از ۹ شب تا ۱۱ صبح به وقت تهران
تهران: ۰۹۱۲۱۲۵۹۹۳۱ - ۸۵۳۱۴۶۳۱ - ۲۶۸۰۱۷۷۵
کانادا : ۶۰۴۶۵۷۱۳۷۷-۰۰۱